History of NOCMAT Conference Series

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

2022 will mark the 18th NOCMAT conference and the 38th year of the NOCMAT conference series!

NOCMAT was initiated by Professor Khosrow Ghavami in 1984 and first held in Rio de Janeiro. With the continued support of ABMTENC, it has circled the globe since:

2019: Nairobi Kenya

2017: Merida Mexico

2015: Winnipeg Canada

2014: Sao Paulo Brazil

2013: Paraiba Brazil

2011: Hunan China

2010: Cairo Egypt

2009: Bath UK

2008: Colombia

2007: Maceio Alagoas Brazil

2006: Salvador Brazil

2005: Rio de Janeiro Brazil

2004: Pirassununga Brazil

2003: João Pessoa Brazil

2002: Hanoi Vietnam

1997: Bhubaneswar India

The organisers are please to host 2022 from Puerto Rico and the United States.

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Cultural Resourses

Fallingwater - Mill Run, Pennsylvania